Announcements and Good News

New class:

Alignment Yoga

Wednesdays at 5:30 pm

Learn the alignment of the yoga postures with the use of props and modifications! You will learn how to correctly and safely move into yoga postures with strength and ease rather than force and over stretching. The body's optimal movement is with supple muscles and tight ligaments, and with correct alignment getting into and out of the yoga postures, you will learn how to create more supple muscles without stretching the ligaments. Your body will feel stronger, more agile, and more capable getting in and out of yoga postures. Learn alignment in a wide variety of yoga poses from seated to inverted.


The circus class schedule will be different each week. Please make sure to sign up online for all circus classes before attending!

Wednesday 4:15 Schedule Change

The 4:15 pm class on Wednesday afternoons will change from heated flow to a regular flow without heat. Kristy will be teaching this class beginning in October.

The heated class will move to 8am on Wednesday mornings with Kara, starting in October. Heat will be set to 85-90 degrees.