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If you have never been to the studio, please take the time before arriving to create your online account and client profile. Once you complete your profile and sign the online waiver, you can sign up for classes. You can pay for your class online, or purchase your packages/memberships/drop-ins in the studio. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class if paying in studio.  Payment is not required for the weekly yoga classes at the time of registration. Circus and Aerial Yoga classes do require payment at the time of registration. 

While we highly encourage you to sign up online before classes, we know this isn't always available. If you need help setting up your account in the studio, arrive 10 minutes prior to class to allow for ample time to do so. Late arrivals will not be accepted into the class without payment or client setup. 

Workshop With Dawn: The Power of Posture & Yin Yoga

September 30th, 1-3 pm

The Power of Posture and Yin Yoga: A workshop with Dawn Sorenson where we break down the importance and impact of alignment & breath and learn beneficial postures for the low back, hips, and knees. Begin with discussion, handouts, and strengthening postures before a 75 minute Yin class. 

75 minutes of Yin to deeply stretch and expand! 

Sunday, September 30th from 1-3 pm


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First time to Studio Seva? 

Try our introductory special (only offered on first visit) 

40 consecutive days of unlimited yoga and Circus for only $40! 

This is our version of a trial period. Try all of the classes, including the aerial yoga, circus classes, and mat classes to see what you love about our studio. 

  • Yoga membership holders will receive half off circus class packages.
  • Yoga memberships do not include circus classes. 
  • Yoga memberships and packages include all Yoga classes, including Yoga Rope Wall and Yoga Tune Up (Circus and Aerial classes are sold separately)
  • Students and age 55 + will receive a discount on a single drop in. Discounts do not apply to packages or memberships. Discounts are already applied to these packages as "bulk" savings. 
  • Want to do both Circus and Yoga? Ask about our All Access Membership. $65/month for all access to unlimited Circus and Yoga classes. 
  • No refunds for services or studio gear purchased at Studio Seva


Private Sessions

Private sessions are offered to those who need Yoga in a therapeutic one-on-one setting. Students who are unable to attend regular group classes because of injury, recover, illness, or general mobility issues are recommended to inquire about private yoga sessions.

Private yoga sessions are not taught as a private class. The nature of a private session is therapeutic and focused on helping clients with alignment, modifications, and specialized situations requiring special one-on-one attention.  

Our memberships do not require a contract, but are set up as recurring monthly payments. A credit or debit card is required to purchase memberships. 

Class packages never expire at Studio Seva! 

Yoga Memberships

$40 — Per month for one person (8 classes/month

$55 — Per month for one person (Unlimited)

$75 — Per month for two people (Unlimited)

$100 - Per month for a family up to four (Unlimited) 

Circus Class Prices: 

$18 — Single Class

$60 — 4 Class Package

$104 — 8 Class Package

$132 — 12 Class Package 

Monthly Unlimited  Circus Membership $50— Per Month (Unlimited Circus and Aerial Yoga classes) 

Couples Unlimited Circus Membership $80—Per month (Unlimited Circus and Aerial classes for two people) 

All Access Membership$75— Per Month (unlimited Yoga and Circus Classes) 


Drop-in Yoga Classes

$15 — Single Class

$60 — 5 Class Package

$100 — 10 Class Package  

$160 — 20 Class Package


“Do not stop trying just because perfection eludes you.”

— B.K.S. Iyengar