The studio is open during class times and by appointment. Contact Joni McCarran to schedule an appointment, or for help to get started with your first class! 

Call or Text: 260-760-4864




The word Seva is defined as selfless service, for the betterment of a community and moral uplifting.

Located on the North Anthony Corridor in Fort Wayne, Indiana

3511 N Anthony Blvd. | Fort Wayne, IN 46805 | 260.760.4864 (Call or Text)

At Studio Seva, we offer affordable and functional yoga and aerial classes with knowledgeable and experienced yoga teachers. Our work is to provide the tradition of yoga and expression through movement with the result being your health and wellness, and to be able to offer this to all!

All classes offered at Studio Seva are all levels, and welcome all students of all abilities. Your bodies are changing daily, as should your Yoga practice. You will experience a different class every time you step onto your mat. Each teacher at Studio Seva offers something unique and empowering to you and your practice. Studio Seva was founded from a love of movement, expression, and laughter. We encourage expression throughout your practice, with is why we offer such a wide variety of classes. You can relax, energize, and even FLY at Studio Seva.