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Studio Seva

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Summer Solstice Flow: June 21 at 6:45 pm

Circus classes: Wednesday nights at 5:30 and Saturday mornings at 9:15

Father’s Day Flow: June 16 at 10 am

Beginners, come to any class! All classes are all levels, but some might interest you more as a beginner: Yoga Basics and Yoga Rope Wall are great for learning alignment and the basics of Yoga postures.

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May Feature Classes:

Fall on your Face Friday with Liz

May 31st

6:45 pm

Liz is back in town for a fun flow! She'll challenge you to try new things and old things alike with a fun twist. Come practice with Liz while she's back just for tonight, and experience a classic fun Liz flow! 

All yoga packages and memberships apply.

New Summer Special Class Begins in June:

Restorative Yin Yoga Thursday Nights at 6:45 pm

Dawn will return to share with us her love and passion for Yoga and learning the art of slowing down and embracing life. Enjoy this slow paced yoga class with gentle movement while you focus on calming your mind and nervous system. The restorative Yin Yoga postures will invite you to turn inward, and focus on your breath and body connection.

This class is gentle and suitable for all levels - from total newbies, to experienced practitioners, to recovering athletes and seniors. Restorative Yin is a lovely way to reconnect with your spirit within - when we slow down physically, we have more space to devote internally.

This class is a seasonal class offered only from June through August. Classes begin June 6th.

All Yoga packages and memberships apply.

New to Studio Seva? 

Try our introductory special (only offered on first visit) 

40 consecutive days of unlimited yoga classes for only $40! 

See what is so great about our studio, our teachers, and what the yoga practice can do for your body and mind.

We suggest registering online before coming to class. In studio sign up takes at least 5 minutes; please arrive early to register if you have never been to the studio before. Thanks!

Drop-in Yoga/Aerial Yoga Classes

$15 — Single Class

$100 — 10 Class Package  

Yoga & Aerial Yoga Memberships

$30 — Per month Limited Membership (8 classes/month)

$45 — Per month Unlimited Membership

Circus Class Drop In: $20

5 Circus Classes - $90

10 Circus Classes - $160

One-on-One Private Circus Training:

$60— 1 Private Session (expires 3 months after purchase date)

$300— 6 Private Sessions  (expire 3 months after purchase date)

Text or email for private session appointments.


Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga sessions are offered to those who need Yoga in a therapeutic one-on-one setting. Students who are unable to attend regular group classes because of injury, recovery, illness, or general mobility issues are recommended to inquire about private yoga sessions. Studio Seva offers mat based Yoga privates, Yoga Rope Wall privates, and Aerial Yoga Privates.

Yoga private sessions can be purchased individually or as a 5 session package. Private sessions are all scheduled in one hour increments.

All private sessions expire 3 months after purchase date. 

One Private Yoga Session: $50

5 Private Yoga Sessions: $200

Gift Certificates Available Online

Convenient gifting: print at home, or email to recipient!


“Do not stop trying just because perfection eludes you.”

— B.K.S. Iyengar