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  • Aerial Yoga Immersion Workshop
  • Aerial Yoga Inversionn Clinic
  • Studio Seva Astanga Yoga with Eliza Miron
  • Evolve Bootcamp with Jina Lauer at Studio Seva
  • Studio Seva Yoga
  • Studio Seva Yoga

Studio Seva Yoga Studio & School

Studio Seva is focused on the health and wellness goals of our members and community. Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service,” or work performed without reward for the ego. In ancient India, Seva was believed to help one’s personal growth while, at the same time, contribute to the improvement of a community. Seva is practiced as an end to egoism, and a path toward altruism. Our goal at Studio Seva is to share our knowledge of the ancient tradition of Yoga with our community. Our prices are very competitive, and our teachers are some of the best. We offer highly educated teachers, approachable health and wellness programs, and above all, compassion and gratitude to be part of your Yoga journey.


Studio Seva Weekly Schedule

All classes offered at Studio Seva are all levels, and welcome all students of all abilities. Our bodies are changing daily, as should our Yoga practice. You will experience a different class every time you step onto your mat. Each teacher at Studio Seva offers something unique and empowering to you and your practice. Please read each teacher’s bio to see which class is the best fit for you and your ever changing needs.


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