Studio Seva Circus Rules and Policies

1. Studio Seva’s circus program is not a professional circus training program. Please respect the studio culture and rules when attending classes. Yoga classes will potentially also be in session at the same time as circus classes. The Yoga principles and philosophies hold true in all classes, including the circus classes. Please do not come to a circus class with the notion that you will be training for a professional circus entity. It is simply a fun class for conditioning and strength training.

2. Bring your own water bottle for hydration; no food or gum is allowed in the studio.

3. Be courteous toward others using the space. Studio Seva is meant to be a supportive environment in which people can train and learn. It's not a competition.

4. Ask permission before offering feedback to others training in the studio. If a person says they do not want feedback, respect their wishes.

5. Don't teach in the space - absolutely no teaching of students by students.

6. Instructors have final say in all matters regarding safety.

7. Return all equipment to the state in which you found it. If you move mats, move them back. Return all props to where they are stored.

8. Tape over any cuts or abrasions, even if they seemed closed, to prevent bleeding on the equipment. If you do bleed on something, notify the lead instructor immediately.

9. Treat the equipment as if it is your own. Carry mats instead of dragging them. Wear the proper clothing for training: no jewelry, zippers, snaps, or sharp embellishments. Wear deodorant! The gear will last longer if we all take care of it.

10. Follow class structure. Open gym is the only class in which you can do whatever you want. Students will be asked to leave if they are not following class instructions and are causing a distraction to other students. All classes are taught as all levels conditioning classes. This means that all levels will be able to condition and train on the apparatus, not that advanced students will be able to do whatever they wish. If you seek advanced training, set up private sessions with the lead trainer.

11. Share apparatus in the Lyra class; hoops are not designated to one person for the duration of the class. Students must practice the skill being taught, exit the apparatus, and wait for the next person to complete the skill (meanwhile work on the floor equipment), and then work on the next skill or sequence being taught. There is absolutely no “sitting” in the hoops without working. If you need a break exit to the floor and stretch, condition, or mobilize.

12. Skills practiced in other studios or viewed on the internet are not to be practiced in Studio Seva. If you learned it at Studio Seva, you can practice it in open gym. Our ceilings are only of a certain height; double drops are not taught or allowed in the Studio Seva gym.

13. Your instructor is a trained instructor in anatomy and biomechanics. Certain skills and tricks are not taught in Studio Seva classes with anatomy and specific risks in mind. Please see #6 again.

14. Warm ups are a very important part of the class; if you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not be able to take the class. Make sure to arrive at least 5 minutes early to set up warm up mats, and please feel free to arrive earlier to begin your own mat warmups. Climbing on the apparatus is not permitted prior to class or outside of scheduled classes or privates.

15. Students and guests may not take video of other students or of the instructor without explicit permission from the instructor and of everyone who will be filmed. Students are welcome to take video of themselves with instructor permission. The process of filming may not impede the progress or safety of the class.