Circus Classes

Circus classes in a welcoming, fitness based, aerial practice space. Come prepared to get your feet off the ground and get out of your comfort zone! All classes are mixed apparatus. If you would like to train on one specific apparatus, please inquire about private sessions. We do not offer pole fitness or dance classes.

Circus Drop in: $20

5 Classes: $90

10 Classes: $160

Class Packages do not expire.

Weekly circus classes at Studio Seva are for people who want to get stronger with original movement and new experiences. No competition, no egos, and all fun. Class begins with a 10 to 15 minute warm up (please be on time), and then moves to warming up on the varied apparatus. You will be instructed individually according to your level of experience, and upon the teacher’s discretion, to explore different climbs, tricks, and dives/drops. Free play is encouraged, but using online videos or tutorials is not permitted in the studio. We have a cozy couch for students to take a break and chat about their experiences. Please move off the circus floor if you are not working, and be mindful of others waiting to use the apparatus.

Private sessions or private training packages are great training options to refine your practice and learn more advanced skills.

One private training session: $60 (expires 3 months after purchase date)

6 private training sessions: $300 (expires 3 months after purchase date)

Private training: You will be trained one-on-one on the apparatus of your choice: Silks, Lyra, Cloud Swing, Smooth Rope, Chinese Pole, Trapeze, Aerial Cube, Aerial Dance Sling… or all of them! This is your opportunity to work one-on-one with the lead trainer to learn intermediate to advanced skills, tricks, and sequences. This is also your opportunity to record your progress and sequences for future training and improvement.

Private group training (really they are parties) available by appointment.

This is a great way to celebrate birthdays and weddings, or just for the fun of doing something different.

Up to 15 per group, all levels and abilities are welcome.

Photos and videos are welcome!

Come play in an adult (or kids too) playground!

One hour sessions

Circus Apparatus include: Silks, Lyra, Trapeze, Cloud Swing, Chinese Pole,Smooth Rope, Aerial Dance Sling, Aerial Cube (you pick any or all)


Circus Apparatus

2016-11-02 18.25.21-2.jpg

Tissu (Aerial Silks)

Silk fabric suspended from the air and split into two ribbons. Aerial artists use the fabric to wrap, suspend, Dive, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions. The basic moves on aerial silks include: foot locks, climbs, wraps, and inverting. skills are woven together to create a beautiful dance in the air.


Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

A steel hoop suspended from the ceiling rigged as a single point hoop. The hoop can spin, swing, or stay static while in use. Moving around the hoop, above and below, inside and outside, the aerial artist creates a strong yet graceful dance while spinning and swinging in the air.


Corde Volante (Cloud Swing)

A rope suspended from the ceiling in the shape of a "U" or "V" shape. The cloud swing is made of soft cotton rope which resembles the smooth rope (corde lisse). The cloud swing is a relatively newer apparatus in the aerial arts community, and adopts many of its skills and techniques from the static or swinging trapeze and the Aerial dance sling. You will explore inverted, standing, climbing, and swinging based skills and tricks. Drops and dives are also incorporated in the cloud swing.

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A High rigged hammock on a single point spinner to add BEAUTY and grace to your flow. Learn aerial dance sequences, skills, and flows. You will work on wraps, dives, inverts, and tying skills together to make a BEAUTIFUL aerial dance.


Static Trapeze

The Static Trapeze is an aerial apparatus consisting of a bar hung from ropes. On the trapeze you will learn to use the bar and ropes to mount, invert, balance and transition with STRong, fluid movements. Dance trapeze will be rigged higher and from a spinning single point. The static trapeze is more acrobatic, while The dance trapeze is more movement based and transitional in its approach.


Chinese Pole

The Chinese Pole is coated in rubber to provide more traction for circus acrobatic tricks. This is not a dance pole. Shoes should be worn on the pole to work on climbing, hooking, and basic sits. Transitions are taught slowly on this apparatus. We offer both aerial and TRADITIONAL Chinese pole, with spinning/static options. You will learn to invert and transition once the basic principles of this apparatus are learned.

Jeans are recommended as well as special martial arts shoes. Leggings tend to get pulled off with the rubber coating, resulting in ‘pantsing’ yourself, so bring an extra pair of jeans to cover your leggings for ease of movement, and peace of mind.

Shoes for Chinese Pole


Corde Lisse (Smooth Rope)

Aerial circus apparatus that involves acrobatics on a vertical rope. Working on the rope includes a combination of climbs, wraps, Dives, and drops. The ropes are made out of soft cotton, strongly braided and woven to create a thick, smooth rope. Basic climbs, wraps, and drops are some of the main skills practiced on the rope. Grip strength and spatial body awareness are required in this art.

Aerial Cube

The aerial cube is a three DIMENSIONAL aerial experience. While spinning, you will move from corner to corner, side to side, and top to bottom. Grip strength is a must on this apparatus, but more importantly, spatial awareness in more than one plane. You will invert, climb, twist, and stretch to new heights, and capacities.