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Mixed Aerial Apparatus classes

The word Seva is defined as selfless service, for the betterment of a community and moral uplifting.

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At Studio Seva, we offer affordable and functional yoga and aerial classes with knowledgeable and experienced yoga teachers. Our work is to provide the tradition of yoga and expression through movement with the result being your health and wellness, and to be able to offer this to all! Forget demographics and target market audiences here, we aren't in business to host the biggest yoga celebrities, and we aren't trying to be on the front cover of the next big yoga magazine. We care about you, our community, and promoting the best "me" we can all be! 

All classes offered at Studio Seva are all levels, and welcome all students of all abilities. Your bodies are changing daily, as should your Yoga practice. You will experience a different class every time you step onto your mat. Each teacher at Studio Seva offers something unique and empowering to you and your practice. Studio Seva was founded from a love of movement, expression, and laughter. We encourage expression throughout your practice, with is why we offer such a wide variety of classes. You can relax, energize, and even FLY at Studio Seva.


We have three full sized studios where we practice, yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Aerial fitness classes

  • The back studio is our largest studio where Aerial Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Power Yoga, and other Hatha Yoga classes are led. This studio is fun and playful with brightly colored aerial fabrics, mandala tapestries, a record player, and a giant black board wall.
  • The front studio was designed to be soothing and relaxing with soft lighting and a cozy feel. This studio hosts gentle yoga, Aerial Silks Yoga, Yoga Tune Up, and yoga rope wall to accommodate a more intimate setting and class type.
  • The Sun Room at Studio Seva is full of sunlight and play. This practice space is where we offer aerial play including Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Tissu (Silks), & Corde Lisse (smooth rope), accompanied by fun tunes and twinkle lights to set the mood. The natural light, fun music, and open space inspire fun, creativity, and playfulness.

The studio is open during class times and by appointment. Appointments for a studio tour are encouraged, and are a great way to get started for first time visitors to the studio. Contact Joni McCarran to set up your tour and to get started with your first class! 

Email Joni to schedule a tour 

Call Joni with questions about how to get started at Studio Seva