Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. We at Studio Seva believe in meeting you where you are each day. Anyone can do this, so start your journey with us today. 



3511 N Anthony Blvd Fort Wayne, IN 46805


During Class times or by appointment 

260-760-4864 (texts work great!)



  • Aerial Yoga Hammocks

  • Yoga mats: free to use

  • Yoga Blocks: foam and wooden, all sizes

  • Yoga Bolsters: large and small

  • Yoga Blankets: wool, cotton, & blended

  • Yoga Chairs: Iyengar style and with backs 

  • Yoga Wheels

  • Sand bags: 7 & 10 lbs

  • Posture Sticks (PVC)

  • Therapy Balls

  • Belts: many sizes and styles 

  • Rope Wall

  • Circus Apparatus: trapeze, cube, rope, hoop, silks, cloud, Sling, Chinese Pole, Unicycle, Slack line, Rhoenrad Wheel, Poi Balls, Juggling Balls, and always more to come.