Studio Seva offers specialized 200-300 hour yoga teacher training programs in a unique one-on-one approach. Focus on your area of interest, your passion, and on your practice in this one-on-one, mentorship based training program. Our program offers the time and flexibility to specifically teach and practice your special areas of interest. For example, some students in the past have focused on yoga for seniors, yoga for recovery, yoga for athletes, and even doctors and Therapists have trained with us to provide yoga to their patients and clients. This program is designed for you to learn the process of yoga and how to safely and intelligently teach yoga, meditation, and breathing practices. 

What you will gain with our program:

  • Mentorship, study, practice, and application
  • Ability to intelligently teach modern bodies at all levels
  • Learn topics of study essential to safe yoga teaching: foundations and techniques of teaching Yoga, anatomy and anatomy of Yoga, sequencing, meditation and mindfulness therapy, pranayama and refining the breath, Yoga therapeutics and specialized teaching, & Posture refinement, modifications, and adjustments
  • Option to pursue additional modules (in addition to the base 6 required for 200 hour certification) to earn 300 hour teacher training certification: Restorative yoga, yoga Nidra, and Chair Yoga.   
  • While our program is not affiliated with the Yoga Alliance, we go above and beyond Yoga Alliance standards. We focus on anatomy and alignment, so you will receive the best training in this area. Studios are not asking for their teachers to be Yoga Alliance affiliated; they are demanding that their teachers be well prepared and educated.
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$400 per training module (time frame is determined upon each trainee's learning pace and schedule)

There are 6 training modules that can be spread out over a time span of 6 - 12 months. Tuition total is $2400 (broke up into 6 payments of $400). Tuition for each Module is due before start of new Module. Books are required to be purchased by start of next module. 

Tuition Includes: 

Flexible meeting dates/times

Supplemental notes and handouts for each module

Discounted yoga classes while enrolled and not in arrears for tuition (not included in long hiatuses or pauses in training)

Free Classes with Lead Instructor and experienced yoga teachers at the studio

Online Anatomy training with David Keil 

No refunds on tuition or payment for classes/services.


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    Schedule is based on individual preference and availability. Meeting times are flexible and allow for life happenings and schedule changes. Meeting times can range from 3 times a week to once a month, depending on individual schedules. Meeting times will last no longer than 2 hours. The 200 hour program can take anywhere from 6 - 12 months. 

    Module One covers a wide range of topics, so it can take up to two months to complete this module, depending number of meeting times per month. 

    The remaining modules are more single topic focused, so they will take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to complete, again, depending on number of meeting times per month.

    Most trainees choose to meet once per week, completing the program in approximately 7 months. Meeting times can vary, but the best availability is weekday mornings and early evenings. 

    We are NOT affiliated with the Yoga Alliance. Our program exceeds the standards of theYoga Alliance and offers topics off limits based on the Yoga Alliances "rules." Please see these articles published by highly respected Yoga teachers to explain the negative influence Yoga Alliance is having on Yoga.

    Yoga Alliance is Ruining Yoga (James Brown)

    Why You Don't Need a Certificate from Yoga Alliance (Yoga Detour)

    Evolution of a Teacher (Alexandria Crow)

    Reconsidering the Yoga Alliance (Diane Bruni)

    What Exactly Does the Yoga Alliance Do? (Cole D. Lehman)

    If you are specifically seeking a Yoga Alliance registered school, I highly recommend Yoga For Your Life (my teachers). They are Yoga Alliance registered and go above and beyond the Yoga Alliance Standards.