Studio Seva offers unique, foundational and advanced yoga teacher training programs:

  • one-on-one apprenticeship with E-RYT Lead trainer

  • work with real students to practice teaching

  • work with other yoga teacher trainees for peer support

  • book and lecture coursework to be completed at your convenience

  • hands on training in a real classroom setting

  • payment plan available (broken into three payments)

  • texts included in tuition if paid up front

  • flexibility to progress at your own pace

  • live training; experience based, and real situational training in actual yoga classes

This program is designed for you to learn the process of yoga and how to safely and intelligently practice yoga, meditation, and breathing practices. You will be a certified yoga teacher upon completion, but if this is simply for you to understand the practice of yoga a little better, you will be able to progress at your own personal growth pace.

Your lead trainer is an experienced, Hatha yoga teacher with over 500 hours in professional training, and more than10 years of experience teaching and practicing. There are many styles and schools of Yoga that fall under the Hatha Yoga umbrella, but your teacher provides attention to alignment, anatomy, and mobility based flow. You will also be able to learn specialized styles of teaching such as Yoga Rope Wall and Aerial Yoga.

We have a special opportunity to learn foundations of teaching yoga as well as continue to learn advanced applications in teaching yoga. You choose your track, pace, and focus in this training. We are not regulated or governed by any agency, so hour counting is not a focus. Our focus is teaching you how to be an educated, safe, and successful yoga teacher. You will learn how to teach people, not just poses.

Requirements for completion of certification:

  • complete all required book and lecture course work

  • complete required group workshops (included in tuition)

  • assist yoga classes

  • practice teach yoga classes

  • payment in full at completion of your chosen track


The training program can be spread out over a time span suitable to your learning pace. Tuition can be broken up into three payments of $800.

If paying in full, cost is $2,100, and texts are included.

Payment plan does not include required text books.You will receive a list of required text books once enrolled.

Our unique one-on-one training might not be the right fit for some who are just looking to put in the hours and get a quick certification. This is a commitment to learning, growing, and transforming your yoga practice into a teaching opportunity. A pre-registration meet up is recommended to get to know your teacher and make sure this program is the right fit for you.