Aerial Yoga Classes and Private Sessions

  • build strength and flexibility

  • use the hammock to learn alignment and proprioception

  • restorative or active practice

  • practice inversions and difficult balancing postures with the assistance of the hammock

  • privates offer one-on-one learning environment

  • work at your own pace and level in private sessions

  • private aerial yoga sessions for therapeutic wellness and strengthening

Aerial Yoga is a great way to learn the postures, strengthen your body, and build confidence in your ever changing body.

We use the aerial hammocks at hip height as a prop to the traditional mat practice. Using the hammock as a prop will aid in balance while building strength and flexibility. You will be able to experience inversions and back bends without stress and with ease.

In an Aerial Yoga private session, the hammocks can be lowered to facilitate restorative and recovery based yoga from injuries, prenatal practice, and easing back into a Yoga practice from postnatal recover.

Aerial Yoga is taught weekly and is included in the Yoga price packages and monthly Yoga memberships. We offer workshop series that you can take to build confidence in a specifically structured sequence of classes to help you build strength and feel comfortable in a weekly Aerial Yoga class.

If you are interested in scheduling a private aerial yoga session, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted to schedule your appointment.

Private sessions are sold in single sessions or in packages. Private session packages expire three months after purchase date.

Single Aerial Yoga Private session:

$60 per session

$250: 5 sessions

Cost is for one person; each additional person, add $15 (up to 6 people)

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